CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 1 (Exam 220-901)

1. Basic information about computer’s BIOS can be viewed by


2. Which motherboard type is used by Desktop PCs commonly?


3. The function of southbridge In a northbridge ( or southbridge) chipset computer architecture, is to provide high-speed data links between RAM, CPU, and PCIe graphics controllers.


4. A SDR SDRAM is capable of reading/writing one word of data per clock cycle.


5. SO-DIMM DDR3 SDRAM modules consist of


6. Graphics controllers use a special-purpose memory type known as:


7. A nested (hybrid) RAID level is referred to as


8. Fastest access to frequently used data is provided by


9. An AMD designed server-dedicated CPU series


10. In order to prevent the execution of code from non-executable memory locations for isolating areas of memory, a security feature used by CPUs is known as:


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