CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 1 (Exam 220-902)

1. A memory management feature which allows 32-bit CPUs to use more than 4 GB of the physical memory of Microsoft Windows operating systems capable versions is known as Physical Address Extension.


2. Windows Aero desktop experience is not included by ___________


3. A parallel bus transmits data across multiple wires.


4. The speed of a single-lane (x1) PCIe v1.x link is referred to as:


5. In Windows 8 a new maintenance feature added which enables clean installation of the Operating system without needing to install media is called:


6. Optimized for flash drives, a Microsoft-proprietary file system is ___________


7. A list of currently running processes on a host is displayed by ________


8. In order to prevent the execution of code from the non-executable memory locations a type of feature which is used by CPUs for isolating areas of memory is referred to as:


9. Similar functionality to Windows Sidebar known from Vista is provided by the Windows Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7 but it does not feature the vertical bar which is displayed on the desktop side.


10. A standard which relies on serial communication is referred to as:


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