CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 2 (Exam 220-901)

1. Support for a single IEEE 1394 host controller:


2. _________ takes advantage of the 19-pin Type A connector?


3. Which of the Digital Visual Interface connector types provides no support for analog signal transmission?


4. BIOS types that can be updated without having to remove the BIOS chip from a motherboard is referred by:


5. Which of the following statements is true?


6. A single full-duplex point-to-point serial communication path which consists of two pairs of wires In PCIe architecture, is known as:


7. A button, LED, or switch on the front/top panel of a computer case has a connector linked to it that requires attachment on the appropriate pins on:


8. The maximum amount of data a DDR3-1600 module can transfer each second is


9. The ECC RAM is a less expensive option and will always perform faster when compared to a non-ECC type of memory.


10. Which type of media in tablets and mobile phones is used as a secondary system storage?


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