CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 2 (Exam 220-902)

1. Less costly and a simpler alternative is provided to manual Operating system installation in an environment which consists of multiple hosts that requires the same configuration settings is referred to as:


2. Choose Windows domains applied statement.


3. To copy one or more files to other locations _______ can be used.


4. A solution which extends the capabilities of a CPU is referred to as:


5. The speed of a single-lane (x1) PCIe v3.x link is:


6. Dynamic disks in Windows which provide the capability for implementations of RAID by creating volumes that span multiple disks.


7. Which of the following launches a tool for manual troubleshooting of problems related to boot sector, MBR and BCD store in Windows RE Command Prompt?


8. Windows Aero desktop experience is not included by ___________


9. Peripheral Component Interconnect is an example of a parallel expansion bus used for attaching hardware devices to the motherboard inside the computer case.


10. A backup technique which allows creating an exact copy of an entire drive and replicating the drive to a new computer in case of a hard drive failure is referred to as:


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