CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 3 (Exam 220-901)

1. Storage media types arranged from lowest to highest capacity RANGE


2. The bus between the northbridge and the CPU is known as:


3. A CPU is allowed to take over tasks executed by a dedicated graphics card normally by


4. Another term for “FireWire” is


5. The basic functionality of the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is to perform the initial hardware checks and start up the operating system.


6. The bandwidth offered by the predecessors is increased by Thunderbolt v3:


7. The frequency in computer graphics at which the screen is redrawn is known as:


8. To reduce reflection from the surface of a LCD or CRT display monitor filtered is used called


9. A hardware device which allows for administering the multiple hosts with the use of a single computer screen, keyboard, and mouse?


10. An Apple technology which allows for automatic discovery of network-enabled devices and services on a local network?


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