CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 3 (Exam 220-902)

1. To shut down hosts running MS Windows _______ can be used.


2. Which of the following is referred to as standardized specification of a motherboard?


3. A basic disk which uses the GPT partition style can have 


4. A single full-duplex point-to-point serial communication path which consists of two pairs of wires in PCIe architecture is known as:


5. For organizing disk partitions include OS use:


6. Which of the following is true for the SFC utility in Windows?


7. An antivirus software is kept up to date using


8. The function of Differentiated Services Code Point architecture is described by  


9. The “$” sign appended in MS windows to the end of the name of a network share which indicates that the shared folder is:


10. The Internet Properties applet tab which contains an option for configuring VPN settings is known as: 


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