CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 4 (Exam 220-901)

1. Point of Sale (PoS) systems use _______ printers


2. RJ-45 and RJ-11 connector types are used with:


3. The length of an IPv6 address is:


4. Domain Name System (DNS) uses port:


5. Common Internet File System and Server Message Block are examples of network protocols being used for providing shared access to directories, devices and files.


6. For a router the configuration feature which allows for opening an inbound port which is temporarily based on the outbound requests that are made by hosts placed inside a private network is known as:


7. Within a standard cable television infrastructure The use of cable modems for Internet access is referred to as:


8. A type of network consisting of peripheral devices that use high-frequency radio waves and computers to communicate with each other is referred to as:


9. The characteristic feature of the RJ-45 connector is to be


10. The unit of measurement of brightness of an LCD display screen is


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