CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 4 (Exam 220-902)

1. Which of the tabs in Windows contains the Diagnostic startup option?


2. The minimum amount of options when it comes to hardware upgrades is offered by_________


3. A type of memory module form factor which is most commonly used for extending the capacity of primary storage is known as:


4. A Windows Command Prompt command which is used for uncompressing cabinet files is referred to as:


5. What is the basic functionality of /R switch of the CHKDSK utility?


6. site offering public or WAP wireless Internet access is known as:


7. Windows Task Manager is usually launched by


8. A command interpreter in Windows is known as:


9. A Windows utility tab which contains an option for managing Internet Explorer web browser add-ons is 


10. Which of the power-saving states utilizes the least amount of power?


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