CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test 5 (Exam 220-902)

1. Updating of multiple Group Policy settings in MS Windows is allowed by


2. The characteristic features of traditional magnetic drives is referred to as:


3. A mobile device’s capability to share its Internet connection with other devices is referred to as:


4. The real-time information about resources which are used by user applications and system processes in Windows 8’s Task Manager can be found grouped in one place.


5. Which of the following in Windows besides REGEDIT can be used to launch registry editor?


6. Which of the following tabs which provides an option for rolling back all of the Internet Explorer web browser configuration settings to the state when Internet Explorer was first installed?


7. A Control Panel applet which is introduced in Windows Vista that provides information about the network connection status is referred to as:


8. A computer system which acts as an intermediary between another the Internet and computer in computer networking, is known as:


9. Auto negotiation is an Ethernet procedure which allows two connected devices to exchange information and automatically configure connection parameters which are based on the highest performance settings which are supported by both devices.


10. Which of the following tabs provides access to proxy settings?


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