CompTIA Network+ Practice Tests 3

1. While transmitting the data over the WAN the best way to keep it secure is _____________


2. A 10Base-T cable uses_____________ pairs of wires.


3. If another subnet’s packets is received it will be directed to________________


4. _____________ is an advantage of the active hubs.


5. One of the computers is connected to an AC outlet while others to UPS outlet, and one connected with AC outlet reboots every single time a light or fan is turned on. Why?


6. A user is unable to login to a remote server, but is able to ping to it _____________ should be used for troubleshooting.


7. Using a SLIP dial-up connection one is no able to FTP files on the internet. Which of the following can be the possible solution?


8. At____________ layer routers operate.


9. Fiber optic cabling use_____________


10. The physical layout of components in a network is defined using_______________.


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