Difference between Wifi and Wireless Internet

Wireless internet refers to the internet that is sued without plugging in any cables of other items needs for it whereas in a wifi system the main working takes place through the signal strength. Both the connections can be used easily and at any time as they are freely available. Wireless internet protocol along with a specified IP address would be needed for the working of the wireless internet connection. Wireless internet connection is a type of internet connection but the only thing that is not needed in it is the connection of the cable with the computer.

Whereas in wifi the person had to go through an entire procedure of getting the wifi cables fixed into the roofs of the house so that the signals can be easily cached by the computer and hence each and everything can be accessed easily. Both of them are providing the end consumers with the similar type of activity but the only difference is between their connectivity and at times the internet connection is not working properly but the wifi service is.

For wifi there does not needs to heve any modem whereas a modem is required for the wireless networking. For both sort of services the person had to pay a certain amount of fee but a lot more amount of work and tie is required in wifi construction and networking of cables. The wifi system in fact runs faster than the local area network for which the person needs to plug in the cable.

The wifi system would run faster only when the network and its signals are within the reach of the computer. For the working of wifi the person had to connect to the most possible wireless networks which are in a particular range. In contrast to wifi in wireless internet the signals are mainly passed out as waves or radio signals.

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