How To Clear Arp Cache

The ARP cache basically is a table which lists the mappings between data link layer and Network layer addresses. The data link layer addresses are mostly MAC addresses and the Network Layer addresses are mostly IP addresses. The ARP cache is stored by the Operating System by default into the RAM. ARP cache is cleared by the user occasionally for the maintenance of the computer.

The ARP cache gets corrupt after sometime so it is cleared for the even working of computer. One of the most common indications is that connections to web pages times out or fails. To clear this ARP cache you should follow the given steps:

•    Step 1: ARP cache is cleared by the using the “netsh” command

Type   C:>netsh interface ip delete arpcache

and then click ok. After pressing “OK” the system automatically clears the ARP cache. The problems which were coming in the web pages will be solved after this.

•    Step 2: To ensure that if the ARP cache has been cleared you can view your ARP cache by using the following command

Type C:>arp –a

And click ok. Then you can see the information regarding the ARP cache which looks something like this

Interface: --- 0x10004

  Internet Address      Physical Address      Type           00-0f-66-37-22-32     dynamic

In some of the cases an error can encounter while clearing the ARP cache. Your system may display an error message which says that the action cannot be completed. This mostly happens because of the Routing and Remote Services is enabled.  Routing and Remote Services are usually no necessary and can be turned off unless you are aware that you are using it. After disabling the Routing and Remote Services the error will be resolved and your ARP cache will be cleared.

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