How To Configure Wireless Security

The most popular and generally accepted standard of wireless network security is the WPA (Wi Fi Protected Access). WPA is application software and is a feature included in the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Wi Fi WPA can be used in the windows XP after some slight modifications and upgrades like network adapters and in some cases the wireless access point too.

To set up WPA on Wi Fi you have to act on these following steps:

1.     Make sure that all the computers in the network have a windows XP Service pack 1 or greater because WPA does not work on earlier versions.
2.    It is better to upgrade your computer to Service pack 3 for better and efficient support.
3.    Make sure that your access point or network router supports WPA. Older versions do not support it so this should be verified.
4.    Make another verification and that is of your network adapter card is it compatible with WPA or not.
5.    All of the Windows computers should be made compatible with the WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration) service. Update the network adapter and make sure it configures WZC.
6.    Apply the WPA settings which are genuinely compatible on each of the Wi Fi devices. These settings include the features like network authentication and network encryption.

The encryption keys or the passphrases of the WPA between devices which you chose should match exactly.

For the process of authentication WPA and WPA 2 are the two protected Wi Fi Access versions available. If you want to run both the versions on the same network make sure the access point is configured to the WPA 2 mixed mode, otherwise it would not be possible.

Many of the Wi Fi products use a few various kinds of naming conventions to explain the types of the WPA authentication you have to set all the machines to use a single option.

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