How To Connect Two Computers Together

The most common type of home networks consists of exactly two computers. Usually this sort of a network is used in sharing files or printers or any other peripheral device, and even a combined Internet connection. To connect two computers for the sharing of such and other various network resources, follow the basic steps given below.

The more conventional method to network two computers includes the making of a dedicated link by plugging in one cable into both the systems. There are many alternatives for networking two computers in this way and they are:

1.    Ethernet crossover cable
2.    Null modem serial cable or parallel peripheral cable

The Ethernet method is mostly preferred because it supports a high speed and reliable connection with negligible configuration required. Moreover Ethernet technology gives you the most general-purpose solutions permitting networks with more than two computers to be built easily later on. If one of your computers holds an Ethernet adapter and the other has a USB even then the Ethernet crossover cable can be used by just plugging a USB-to-Ethernet converter unit into the computer's USB port.

Serial or parallel type of cabling which is also known as the Direct Cable Connection (DCC) offers lower performance but gives the same fundamental functionality as Ethernet cables given that you are using Microsoft Windows. You may like this alternative if you always have such type of cables with you and you are not concerned with the speed of the network. Serial and parallel cables have a certain restriction because of their association with cables and wires which is that they cannot be used for connected more than two computers they are limited when it comes to such type of cases and this is also counted as a drawback of this type of connectivity.

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