How To Disable The Firewall

A firewall basically is software that verifies information and data that enters your computer from the Internet or a network. The firewalls either blocks this newly entered information or grants access to the information to get into your computer.

The passing and blockage of information is dependent upon the firewall settings of your computer. A firewall helps protect your PC from malicious software like worms from getting access to your computer and into your personal information through the internet or a network. A firewall also helps stop your computer from sending such kind of nasty software to other computers. Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) have a built in firewall software.

Now the following steps are only for Windows XP SP2 and Windows SP3. They are not applicable for the previous versions of Windows XP. If you do not know which version of Windows XP service pack you have, then go to the "How to determine your current service pack" option. Moreover you should know that when you disable the firewall, you leave your computer vulnerable to attacks by malicious software. Thus, before you turn off your firewall, make sure that your computer is disconnected from all the networks, including the Internet or what else you can do is that you can enable a third-party firewall.

To disable Windows Firewall, follow these basic steps given below:

1.    Firstly click Start button
2.    Second click the Run option,
3.    Thirdly type Firewall.cpl and then click OK.
4.    A General tab would appear, click Off (once again it is notified that disabling your firewall is not recommended because of the security of your private data it is a big risk so take it carefully).
5.    At last click the OK tab.

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