How to find wifi hot spots

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a wireless access point which provides internet access to network devices in public places. Wi-Fi technology is used by home networks as well as those in schools and businesses. Computers connect to Wi-Fi hotspots through network adapters. Some laptops have this inbuilt facility, but those that don’t have it can always purchase it, there are many kind available from PC cards to USBs.

Usually a paid subscription is required to access a hotspot, many service providers offer plans through out a city or country. In order to connect to a hotspot you require a an SSID, which is like an exclusive user name and encryption keys which scramble the network traffic into and out of a hotspot, these are sometimes arranged by a service provider as defaults.

A computer can detect a hotspot by scanning their signal area; by identifying an SSID a connection is established. Alternatively a Wi-Fi finder (small devices scan for hotspot signals similarly to computers, and many provide some indication of signal strength) can be used to locate a hotspot.
The process of connecting is the same on all networks. You start a connection from your system, and the signal will pick up the available hotspots, you may need to use a user name and password to gain access.

Wi-Fi is not without its drawbacks however, wireless networks are not impossible to break into, and a trespasser can use it for illegal activity which may be blamed on the owner of a network. Your personal information might also be at the mercy of talented hackers. To prevent violation of your privacy it is good to be cautious, and use only reputed hotspot providers. Avoid connecting to non-preferred hotspots by checking the settings in your computer and be careful of the company you sit in and use your laptop around.

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