Metadata is the collection of information about data tells the person that at what time, when, how and where specific information regarding the data had been collected. This is one of the easiest ways of finding out that what the data was and why was it collected and who the person who collected the data. All the questions can be easily answered through the help of metadata. Apart from the collection of the data, the person also knows about the time when the data had been formatted and by whom and how was it done.

It is one of the effective way of arriving at the correct solution that who exactly the person is and if any error does exist in the data then the person can know through the metadata. The data that had been stored at different places such as the data warehouse can tell easily that when the data collection phase took place as it had been described as the most important phase. This is found to be mostly used in applications and even the scope of the metadata had also been increasing, metadata allows the person to carry out activities on the XML webpage application on a larger scale.

The metadata can be easily determined through the phase data about which means that metadata in fact is the stage which tells people about the data and its other aspects. Moreover metadata can also be described as a situation where the data needs to be structured so that effective results can be produced and it is being used by most of the companies. On the whole metadata contains the Meta content in it. Ts working is very much similar to the working of the data o the webpage and all the information is stored on the metadata service.

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