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Network adapters allow devices to communicate within a network and are a necessary part of a network. There are different types of adapters such as PCI adapters (which fit inside a computer), PC card adapters (which can be inserted into a slot in the laptop), usb adapters (which can fit into a port on the computer), media adapters (which connect to a port in gaming consoles and act as abridge to a connection) and lastly notebook computers with wireless adapter chips. All types of adapters support similar standards (wired or wireless), however there are adapters for specialized purposes with their own set of protocols which are not for home use.

To find out whether you have a network adapter look carefully at your computer, in Pcs there should be an RJ-45 jack a the back whereas in laptops there should be a removable device which is card shaped. You can also access the device manager in laptops running windows and you can also look for any device fitted into a USB port which has LED lights. If you find you don’t have an adapter, you can always buy one from manufacturrs of network devices. Mostly adapters offer the same working ability in accordance with their Ethernet or wi-fi standards but it helps to buy the same brand router and adapter or better yet, to buy them together as a combo and save money.

They are quite simple to install, simply connect the device to the machine and install any software that comes with it. Most systems automatically detect the device and run it, but sometimes you might have to install software through a CD or download it form the net.

(typically software includes a device driver and advanced configuration options, especially with Wi-Fi wireless network adapters).There are also such things as virtual adapters which are without hardware. These are likely to be found in VPNs (virtual private networks).

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