PGP is the pretty good privacy which is a type of data encryption and is also one of the most widely used computer programs which had been used for the data communication purpose. The computer program had been providing people with some authenticity and the cryptographic privacy. It keeps the entire data of the people safe and hence no one is allowed to gather any sort of information from it. PGP is the only process which had been used by people for the purpose of encryption, decryption and signing in to various internet sited.

The items may be providing people with some sort of e-mailing, texting or other file sharing or downloading facilities. This service had been helping people to a greatest scale as people can easily gather the information from different sites by just signing into the websites and this entire service increases and enhance the value of the data communication and the other communication services such as email, texting, files and others. For the encryption and the decryption of the data, PGP is most preferable and in many situations PGP is also responsible for the usage of data compression, cryptographic of symmetric nature, hashing and many others.

All these forms had been defined to be broadly used with the PGP encryption process. In the PGP encryption process different types of algorithms had also been used and those algorithms are based on the public key cryptography rather than the symmetric cryptography. However in the usage of the system it must be ensured that trust is the basic purpose which needs to be incorporated and the trust was the factor which was used with the earlier version of PGP process.  Furthermore compatibility, digital signatures and confidentiality are the other type of aspects that must be taken into account for the PGP service

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