how a home network functions

this article will help you to understand how a home network works.

  • A wireless home network requires a wireless router, for large areas a repeater or range extender is recommended as well. You will also need a wireless adapter for each computer connected to the network.  Some devices already have built-in wireless communication abilities. The devices that don't will use a wireless Ethernet bride.
  • You must protect you network with either of the following; WiFi Protected Access (WPA), Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP), and Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering.
  • For a wired network, you will need an Ethernet connection. It is more secure than a wireless connection not to mention much faster. Although wireless networks are quickly coming up to par. They are also easier to install and much cheaper and affordable.
  • However the Ethernet cable must be used to connect every computer to the network.
  • If the computers are too far apart the cable can cost a lot. It does not allow a lot of mobility. And the cables look pretty ugly.
  • For the wired set up you normally need an Ethernet cable, and a phone line or a coaxial cable. If connecting two computers, the only equipment needed would be a NIC card or network interface card installed in both computers and an Ethernet cable to connect them together. For more than one computer and other equipment, you will need an Ethernet router and cable to connect the computers and other equipment to the router. You then have to configure the computers to allow them networking.
  • If the computers have network cards, everything become easier as only the router is needed. So just install that and configure that.

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