some things you should know about wireless networking

wireless networking presents a hassle free, wiring free and mobile way of sending and receiving data. This article will show you how it works.

  • sWireless networking allows us to work without the  irritation of wiring. Radio waves and microwaves are used to allow connectivity and data sharing.
  • Wireless networking uses IEEE802.11 standard. There is numerous equipment that communicates through a broadcast of 2.45GHz or  5 Ghz. Some laptops have built in cards and others need a wireless card. A wireless router is used (also known as an access point), it is connected to an Ethernet cable to the modem and configured. Encryption is used to protect your network from others (passwords are used as well as SSIDs), through the process of authorization through passwords, the security of the network is strengthened.
  • Wireless networking can be either a BSS which is a basic service set (infrastructure BSS), here an access point is used to connect all units. All the data goes through the access point. The other type is independent basic service set. Where all units can interact freely openly or privately (also known as ad hoc or peer to peer).
  • A wireless network requires security, as it is wireless networking cannot be completely secure. So make sure to use security protocols. At least WEP wired equivalent privacy which is the lowest level of protection. But for better protection think o fusing more secure protocols like WPA (Wi-Fi protected access). It is cheap to setup in homes but might be expensive for businesses as it has to literally cover more ground. VPNs , virtual private network allow free access to net anywhere.
  • The benefits of networking exceed the problems. If you are careful to protect yourself with the right protocols there is no reason you should shy off from having wireless.

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