Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 has many editions from those one of the edition is Home Premium edition. This edition of windows 7 has strong features and it is available in both 32 bits and 64 bits data transferring mode,

As the name of the version refers, the windows 7 home premiums is made for the home user to facilitate them in sharing their file like videos, pictures and etc. it also has facility to watch the TV show for free when and where you want because it has internet TV media centre software. Windows 7 home premium supports almost all kind of the video format. Home Premium is from one of those editions of the Windows 7 which sold in the whole world and available easily in the markets.

In windows 7 home premium edition task bar has been improved, which allow the user to do Multi tasking easily. The window seven has also the antivirus software built in to protect your data from the malicious viruses. This Microsoft windows allow the user to attach multi devices with the system, window automatically downloads theirs software. Windows 7 Home Premium edition is designed for 64 bit date transferring mode to do things faster and it also consume less poser from the system to do its tasks. Basically the windows 7 Home Premium is the contrast of the Windows Vista Home Premium but with the editions of some more usefully features which was not available in the window vista.

The system minimum require on which this windows can run is; system should have 1 GHz Processor (32 and 64 bits), 1 or 2 GB ram, 16 GB free space in your hard disk because window will take this much space in your PC and DirectX 9.0 graphic and 128 Mb Graphic memory.

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