Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft has launched another wonder called the “Microsoft Windows 7”. This is not a single form but it is a complete package of a number of editions which are designed for different users having specific features for the desired purpose. There are six editions of this wonderful windows out of which four are available in the market for sale professionally while the remaining two are for industrial and large scale uses which will be owned by the firms through a direct interaction of theirs’ with Microsoft.

Windows 7 ultimate is one of the marvelous editions of the whole series which is available in the market and is specifically for home users. It is specifically targeting the enterprise market level which needs certain software for their computers in order to maintain their database management systems and this edition of Windows 7 has got all the interactive features which a firm desires to have in its computers. In bonus features are features like MUI (Multilingual User Interface) which is very useful all over the world, the Bit Locker Drive Encryption which prevents the data of the computer from being stolen and has other utilities as well and the UNIX application support which provides the computer the various features of the UNIX operating system.

This edition is certainly a very high tech version and has got a large number of exclusive features for the enterprise market owned by home users specifically. The features of the Windows  7 enterprise edition and the Windows 7 ultimate edition are almost the same the only difference is of the kind of user that is the former one is designed for large firms and is not available in the market while the later one is designed for home users. The Windows 7 professional and the Windows 7 Home

Premium will be able to upgrade their edition to Windows 7 Ultimate by paying a certain amount of fee to Windows Anytime Upgrade.

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