Test Your Computerís Memory Using Windows Vista Memory Diagnostic Tool

If you keep checking your computer memory regularly and inspects your system memory everyday by running memory tests on your computer. You can easily apply the memory checks on your computer if you are using the windows vista. There is a free tool in the windows vista which provides you the proper checks and tests on your computer memory. You don’t need to spend any extra money inorder to test the memory of your computer.

When you want to use this tool then you have to first find this tool in your computer and then install it. First step is that how to find this tool in the windows, just open the start menu and then type “memory” in the search box of the start menu. The first search is “memory diagnostic tool”, select this option. After that when you select this option then you are prompted to the dialogue box, which is asking you about to check your memory and reboot your computer. Now select for the checking and reboot your computer after when you are done with the memory checking and the problems in the memory. There are two possibilities which can be selected by the user, first is that restart the computer and check for problems and the other is to check for the problem and then restart the computer. But the first way sis recommended.

If you select the reboot option then you are in the diagnostic memory utility by the windows vista. You can also get this utility directly from the boot manager menu. And if you have only windows vista installed in you machine then you have to  press the  f8 key and esc key in the boot manager menu, to get to the main screen showing the problem checking.

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