How to change the “theme” in the windows Vista

Theme is the basically a background picture which can be changed at any time according to the taste, holidays themes or can be the special themes which can related to the religion or any other thing.

In windows vista this is very thing to change the background themes. Windows Vista gives the beautiful and easiest way to change the picture from your background even this give the aero view to their customer’s means that the picture the user enables at his/her desktop will be view from the any other folder which will be opened that time but slightly faintly.

Step to change the themes in the windows Vista:

Follow the following step to change your desired picture on the background.

1.    First go to the blank space anywhere in the desktop.
2.    Then press the right button of the mouse and then user see the options.
3.    Select the “properties” option from those which are enabling due to pressing the right key of the mouse.
4.    Then select the “theme” option from the tabbed enable in the windows named “display properties”
5.    Here users see the options “theme” against which the drop box is made. User can select the theme from the drop box according to his or her choice.
6.    After selecting the theme just click on the apply button. Machine take some time in processing and enabling your desired theme after which everything even the cursor of the mouse will be changed according to theme you applied.

Applying downloaded themes:

Download the theme from the internet and then follow the first 4 steps from the above mentioned steps. Then select the browse options and then go to that folder in which you have saved the files and then select the apply option.

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