Fixing When Windows Media Player Library Wonít Let You Add Files

Sometimes we can get some problem with our Windows Media Player. We can’t add files to Windows Media Player’s library no matter what we do. Then the problem may be that your database is corrupted and we need to clean the old data and re-add our media files to the library.

This step consists of cleaning the data and we may lose some files so first we have to make a backup of the files necessary so that the database of music which has been purchased won’t get lost. The music files won’t be deleted but the database only.

Now when we start fixing this problem we have to open Control Panel then Administrative Tools and then Services for XP where we can find the services regarding “Windows Media Player”.

Before we edit any services we have to make sure that Windows Media Player and anything related to it is not running at that time. Close all of them and then come back to services and stop every service which is starting with Windows Media Player. Now that we have stopped the services, we’ll continue to the next step.

In the next step, open up an explorer window and type %USERPROFILE%Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Media Player into the address bar of that window and press enter. There we’ll see some files, we can delete them too but we’ll just move these files to another directory somewhere else. It will be daring to delete them, but it doesn’t matter. When we move or delete those files from that directory, all the database saved in the Windows Media Player will be cleaned and when we’ll restart the Windows Media Player, we can make new database and add new files to the Windows Media Player’s Library. 

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