Restore the "Search…" Item to the Folder Context Menu in Windows Vista SP1

This article discussed the problem elated to the service pack version of the windows vista. There are something’s which are not included in the service pack version of this window. Here we discussed them and in this discussion we will find result which helps us to restore this problem. Actually the problem is that this version of windows vista doesn’t include the search screen.  For this purpose we have to do simple things.

To get back this search box in the windows vista service pack version, you have to use registry tweaks. The most important fact about his folder context option is that you will able to search only in the search menu of the specific folder in which you have to search.

All you have to do is to go to start menu and type regedit in the search menu. When you type this, a registry tweak will appear in front of your screen, scroll down in the menu in the search of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellfind. After the search of this key you will have ti search the laegacydisable key in the right hand side pane either delete it rename it or do something else to this laegacydisable key. After that you again right click on the folder (you have to search). The search in the specific folder is faster than in the search in all the drive.

There is the shortcut foe the appearance of search box is f3. You simply click on the folder in which  you have to search and then press f3, the search box is appear in front of your screen. This helps us to search our desired result within few minutes rather you have to wait very long while searching in the whole drive.

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