Trim Windows Vista’s Bloated Window Borders

If you are using windows vista in your computer then you have noticed that the borders of the windows are very bloated and doesn’t looks appealing and comfortable. 

The default borders of the windows vista are very huge, but with the help of this article you will be able to customize the size of the borders of the windows vista depending upon your own choice. The biggest advantage of the customization of the borders is that the whole look of the borders appeals very effective and reasonable and far better than the default view of the borders in the windows vista.

The default vies if the border looks very ridiculous and disgraceful, if you are not using the Areo’s. The default view looks very huge and heavy on the computer’s screen. And when we customize the size of the borders by cutting down the padding of the borders, the border looks very elegant and attractive. And the space required by the default view is very huge as compared to the customize view of the border.

Let’s see that how can we customize the border view in windows vista. You first have to open the “appearance setting dialogue” by right clicking in the desktop and choose the personalization option. And then click on the” windows and color appearance”. After selecting that, click on the advance setting option and then browse for the border padding option in the drop down menu. After finding the border padding option, change the size of the border padding. By default the size of the border padding is 4, but it is totally upon you to select your desired and required size. The range of the selection of the size is between 0 and 4

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