Make the Mouse Pointer Stay Away from What You’re Typing

Mouse away is the program that is used in especially in Windows Vista to let the mouse pointer stay away from whatever text the person is writing. Hence if this is done then the mouse pointer interrupts a lot in between and makes the person to write some different text in between of the text that is already written. Through this program it is possible that the mouse is moved away from the entire text that the user is writing.

If the user puts the mouse pointer in between of some text then as a result, when the person starts to write the text, the mouse pointer is automatically moved away. Mouse away had proved to be quite successful for many people and is an easy task in order to let people perform their different tasks easily. This small and a unique utility had proven to be very useful for the people.

This is one of the best utility that had been widely accepted by the people and had been liked by them too. Mouse Away software needs to be installed and after the installation of the software then this problem is solved and does not remain a big task. This program just works for Windows Vista and it does not work well with XP and Windows 7. In some of the computers it is so that the mouse button on the key pad had a on and off button.

When this button is pressed, then the mouse button if turned off and then the person can do its task easily and quickly but it won not work in situations of scrolling down a page or so. If this is to take place then the mouse away is a good solution for the users.

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