Add “Open with Notepad” to the Context Menu for All Files

Notepad basically is a regular text editor for Microsoft Windows. It has been a part of all the various versions of Microsoft Windows from the earliest like windows 1.0 till the latest windows 7. Notepad is a common editor for text only. The files of the notepad are saved with the extension of .txt and don not support any sort of format tags or different styles so it is a very useful application if you want to edit the system files which are usually used in the DOS operating systems.

When you have an unknown application in your computer or if you have a file whose extension is not known then the default method for opening such type of files is that you start going through a list of known applications and is generally time consuming and simply a headache. That is why you should have a context menu option for “Open with Notepad” so that you may quickly open up files without facing a lot of complications.

This can be very easily done by the registry hack. A registry hack is not really something it has been a computer utility for a very long time but most of the people don’t really know about it so let’s now see what it is. Also notify that the same technique can be used t substitute any other application which you may like by just adjusting the path in that registry to point to the different editor.

Open the regedit.exe option through the start menu search or run box, a menu will be opened, and then browse down to the following key on that menu:


Right-click on “shell” and choose the option to create a new key, name it “Open with Notepad”. Create another key below that called the “command”. Then double-click on the (Default) value on the right-hand pane and enter in the following:

notepad.exe %1

You will see that the change has taken place.

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