Don’t Pay for Windows Security When You Don’t Have To

The security is the very important item of each and everything in the world. In the world of computer the history of virus is as old as the history of computer. Data stored in the computer using any operating system is very important.

Some of the users use many other types of the software of the security which are available in the market for the preservation of their data. These software’s are very costly one in the price. Microsoft takes this issue seriously and introduced the windows default defender which is strong enough to prevent the data from the different viruses.

Using the windows default defender prudently:

For using the windows default defenders to prevent the data from the virus which can enter in your machine through the internet and by some other means first user have to install the “windows essentials”. When it is installed its icon appears in the control panel. Then go there and change it setting and enable it to do work while the machine is online and even when the machine is off line but still the power is in it. The Microsoft default defender gives the opportunity to updated online for free of cost. Other security software’s are also work with the default defender by attaching with that.

User can scan his/her system by using the windows wall defender. It is very strong and it can scan the whole machine in one time and give the report to the user after scanning. Report will be in dividing according to the bug file and the non bug files. It also find the virus and tell the exact location where the virus is placed and then delete it from the machine if the user give the command. So no need to use the costly software`s just use windows Vista owns defender. 

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