Create a Restore Point for Windows 7 or Vista’s System Restore

As we all know that windows 7 or vista contains a remarkable feature named by System Restore that saves all the files of the system when the user install or download any kind of new software or driver. It contains striking and extra ordinary features. Whenever virus gets injected into the system, then the system restore does not able the windows to get removed.

In the start menu and automatically the option System Restore will emerge on the screen. It is quite simple and easy. User can also go back to the previous position of the system. It is up to the user that what kind and level of restore point he wants to select for his system. The whole list will be displayed on the screen when the user pick out the option choose a different restore point. One thing should be kept in mind that user has to install NVIDIA drivers and then virtual clone drive to have ISO images. User just has to choose among one of them to start the system operating. Suppose the user receives an error notification, then he should do the restoring process in the safe mode.

Suppose, there come a situation when the system of the user does not able to get reboot. For this, user has to pick out the option System Restore from the dialog box of System Recovery. Then the user has to choose the particular and required drive that is going to run on the windows 7 or vista. Finally, after taking this step, the system will rotate back to the very prior restore point. Result will be instant and immediate.

Hence, the above method is extremely trouble-free. It does not take a lot of time of the user. It is highly recommended and suggested. The user always gets an immediate response after completion of the process.

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