Activate Flip 3D with Your Mouse in Vista

Activation of the flip 3D with the help of your mouse is a very simple job which can be easily done by using small but useful application called the Vista Flip 3D Activator. This tiny utility gives you the liberty to assign a corner of the screen to activate flip 3D if and only if you have not disabled your flip 3D. It basically sets hot zones in your screen corner.

For using this feature you have to first install the flip 3D activator which is not a very difficult job and you can do it with the assistance from the install wizard. Once you have installed it you then check for the corner of the screen that you would like to use for the activation of flip 3D.

As mentioned above you can use a mouse in this process and you can easily assign a mouse button if you want to but it would of course keep on doing its regular tasks i.e. this would not supersede the Intel mouse settings. If you have activated your Flip 3D your mouse wheel can be used to scroll between the different windows and then after that you may click to activate.

For the people who think that they can make Flip 3D stay on their screen without using any kind of software or alternatively by clicking the “Window Switcher” icon in the Quick Launch or another way might be that they use the keyboard shortcut Win + Ctrl +Tab to make it stay on the screen. Well in the reality, this utility does really only saves clicking on the Quick Launch icon.

This utility is not that heavy and weighs only 2 mb on the system, it uses only 600k of ram and almost zero CPU time is required for it.

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