Add a new File Type to Indexing in Windows Vista

Windows vista has a very facilitating search capabilities in which it enables you to make shortcuts in the index of your common daily use files so that you can easily access them instead of going the whole long process of searching it from the start menu you just have to add it in the windows vista search index, but the question here is that how to customize vista search index to add or remove files? So we will tell you how to do it, to make modifications for the file types in vista search index, press Win+R or click on start menu and then the run option to open the Run window and then type in it the command

control.exe srchadmin.dll

Then go to the indexing option in the Indexing Options dialog box, click on the “Advanced” button.
You can also find the Indexing Options in the Control Panel because it is easier to look for it there.

In the Advanced Options window which you had opened, click on the File Types button. Now here you can add or remove your known file types by checking or un checking the radio tabs next to their respective file type. You can also select that how your desired file should be indexed by Index Properties Only or Index Properties and File Contents.

To add new a file types, type the name of that very file extension and then click on the Add new extension button. Lastly after adding the new file type, you can now customize how that file will be indexed and click the OK tab twice to close the Indexing Options window. Then in the process of the next indexing cycle, your changes will be added or otherwise will be removed from the index.

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