Add an Application to the Quick Launch Menu in Vista

For the new users, they should know those quick launch menus are the small icons that are placed on the very right side and are next to the start button. This feature is very helpful, practical and handy. Its traits are quite and rather active and fast. Users can easily add their desired programs in it.

Now windows vista has provide the facility and gift to its users to add an application into the quick launch menu which is very exciting and thrilling for the users. Below is the simple technique for the users to enable this feature!

In order to add an application to the quick launch menu in windows vista, there is a straightforward method that requires no effort and hard work. In the quick launch bar, user can drag the particular application or can also pick out the option named by Add to Quick Launch by right clicking. Suppose the option “Add to Quick Launch” does not come up on the screen of the user. For this, user has to grasp the Shift key along with the right click, until and unless the particular option does not come up on the screen of the user.

Users can also pin to start menu to attach an application to the quick launch menu. Finally, result is going to take place and particular application is going to get added to the quick launch menu in windows vista. This process is quite and rather reliable. Its results are always consistent and positive. It is highly and strongly recommended by the technicians. User need not to follow any command line or does not have to go through any kind of installation or downloading. So any one can enable this feature in their windows vista and can take pleasure while working on their systems.

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