Add any application to the desktop right click menu

In this article we will show you how to add anything to the desktop right click menu that you’d like. The right click menu is the menu that shows up when you right click on the desktop. Let us add the notepad application for just an example but you can add other applications as well.

Step 1: Go to the Registry Key

Firstly open up the regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box, and then after that browse down to the following key:


Step 2: Generate the Menu Item Key Name

Next to complete this step you will need to create a new key, its name should be exactly what is going to show up on the desktop menu. So now right-click on the ‘shell’ key, and then choose the New Key from the menu. Name the new key as notepad because this is what we are doing in the example.

Step 3: Generate the Command Key

Now you’ll need to create the command key which will actually cleave to the command used to launch this application. Right-click on the newly made Notepad key, and then choose New Key from the menu. Always give this key the name ‘command’ in lowercase.

Step 4: Add the Full Application Executable Path

At last to complete this step you will need full path to the application which you want to launch. You may use Shift + Right-Click to Copy as Path menu item to search this more quickly. Now click ‘command’ on the left side, and after that double-click on the (Default) key which is on the right side to edit the string values.
Then paste in the full path to the executable that you obtained from the ‘Copy as Path’ step done above. And then right-clicking on the desktop will generate the new menu item including the note pad.

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