Add control panel to the desktop right click menu in Vista

Control panel is a very useful folder of the system because it contains all the system maintenance applications. So an easy access to it is very much required for every efficient user and thus we will show you how to make add the control panel option to the desktop right click menu in windows vista and the windows 7. When you right click on the desktop you will see a new menu item known as Control Panel. Once you select that item, obviously it will immediately open up Control Panel

This method of course can be used to add any item into the context menu, or you can even use the same very location in the registry to remove applications like the NVIDIA Control Panel or ATI Control Center from that menu.

Manual Registry Hack

Firstly open up the regedit.exe from the start menu search or run box, and then after that browse down to the following key:


Once you have reached this point, you will have to right-click on ‘shell’ and make a new key called Control Panel. Under this key, you will then right-click and create another new key called ‘command’. Now select the ‘command’ key on the left hand side, and then after that set the (Default) value on the right-hand side to the following:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL

You can immediately see the newly made item in your context menu, and it will be working. To remove it you can simply delete the Control Panel key.

Downloadable Registry Hack

For the registry hack simply download, extract, and then double-click on the AddControlPanelToDesktopMenu.reg file to enter that information into the registry. You will instantly see the new item. To remove it you can use the remove script.

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