Add defragment to the right-click menu for a drive

Disk Defragmenter is an application in the MS windows which increases the speed of the system by rearranging the flies stored on a disk. Its purpose is to optimize the time in the storing of files and speed up the processing of the computer. In this article we will show you how to add the disk defragmenter to the right click menu for a drive. It is a very easy technique and can be done with a simple registry hack.

When you would apply the hack manually or by downloading it, after that you will see a new item on the right-click menu for your drives. This hack will start up the command line interface version of the Disk Defragmenter (after accepting the User Account Control prompt)

 Manual Registry Hack

Firstly open up the regedit.exe from your start menu search or run box, and then browse down to the following key:


Make a new key under the shell called ‘runas’, and after that set the (Default) value to ‘Defragment’. If you want this menu item to be hidden behind the Shift key right-click menu, then you will have to add a new string known as Extended with no value.

Next, you will have to create a key called ‘command’ and set the default value to the following, which is the command to run the defragmenter with the default options but show effusive output.

defrag %1 -v

You can also alternately choose from one of the other defrag switches of your own choice.

Downloadable Registry Hack

For the hack you simply have to download, extract it, and then double-click on either AddDefragToDriveMenu.reg (if you want regular menu) or AddDefragToExtendedDriveMenu.reg (to be hidden behind the Shift key). You can even remove it with the removal script.

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