Add Home Directory Icon to the Desktop in Windows 7 or Vista

It has been noticed and observed that windows 7 and vista consist of the hidden home directory feature. Most of the users will not be aware of this application. So a method has been introduced that can add home directory icon to the desktop. It will then clearly visible on the screen. It will permit and allow the user to full access and command to all the allocation and programs that are being running in their systems.

Most of the tools like directory of downloads can only be run through home directory. That is why it is now essential and necessary to add this icon right their on the desktop. In order to add home directory icon to the desktop in windows 7 or vista, firstly, user has to click on the start button. Right after this step, right clicking on the user name and then picking out the option named Show on Desktop. Finally, the icon will be appearing and showing up on the screen. Change will be immediate and instant.

There is also another method that can be followed by the users to activate this mode. For this, user has to right click on the desktop and pick out the option Personalize from the menu. After this, on the very left hand side desktop icons will be there. User simply mark the box named by home directory. This step will make the icon to appear on the screen.

Hence, the above mentioned criterion is not that difficult. Once it gets enabled, it is fun to use. Users will surely take the pleasure while adopting this application. No installation or downloading is required. Just the clicking of few buttons and the task gets done! It is highly recommended and suggested. Having access to various applications will  make the working a lot more easier.

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