Add Internet Explorer Icon to Windows XP / Vista Desktop

Windows Internet Explorer is basically a series of graphical web browsers which were developed by Microsoft and were made compatible with the windows operating system. The latest version of the Internet Explorer is the internet explorer 8 and is built in application in all the versions of service packs.

In this article we would show you how to add the internet explorer icon to the windows XP or Vista. For this purpose you can make a short cut also but using this method you can recreate the indigenous Internet Explorer icon the way it used to be in previous versions of Windows.

The native icon gives you two major benefits:

1.    Firstly, you should right-click and go straight to the Internet Options panel
2.    Secondly it doesn’t have the shortcut icon arrow.

IMPORTANT FACT: This thing does network in Windows 7. In windows 7 you will have to just create a regular shortcut instead of going the other way.

Manual Registry Tweak

Open up the regedit.exe through your start menu search or run box, and after that browse down to the following key:


Then find the key named ‘{871C5380-42A0-1069-A2EA-08002B30309D}’on the right hand side, and then place the value to 0. If the key does not subsists, then make a new 32-bit DWORD value with the similar name. If you want to remove the icon then set the value to 1 instead.
Note that if you are using the classic version of start menu then you should create this value under the Classic Start Menu key in place of the New Start Panel key.

Download Registry Hack

For this method you just have to download a registry hack. Just unzip it and double click to get into the registry.

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