Add "Run as Administrator" to Any File Type in Windows Vista

Did you ever try to extract some file in the Program Files directory in Windows Vista? And what really happens, you get all kinds of denied errors, and mostly you are rejected. So now let’s see that how can you open up a zip file as an administrator? Watch and learn!

For this purpose there is a simple registry tweak that will enable you to distinguish the action to run as administrator for a file type. Unluckily you have to create the tweak manually by yourself, but don’t worry we will guide you for it.

Manual Registry Tweak

Initially Open the regedit option through your start menu search or run box and then browse down to the key, substituting “.zip” and then for the file extension that you are seeking for. The find dialog is very much helpful here.

Now you as you wish to receive a note of the Data value for the desired item. This would tell you which application is registered to handle your desired file type, and where to browse in the next register. Now for example, since the data field we used says “WinRAR.ZIP” so you will be required to browse down to the following registry key.


what basically you should do is copy the shellopencommand section to the shellrunascommand section. The easiest method to do this is to right-click on “command” and then selects Export. A menu will be opened choose to open the exported registry file in the notepad format and change “open” to “runas”.

Now double click on the file to enter the changed information into the registry after doing so you will observe that the “runas” section is same as the “open” section. And now you can right click on the application and run it as the administrator.

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