Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista

Microsoft has taken the initiative to facilitate its users more than ever with the windows vista security applications. Different important files and folders can be locked on the system with windows vista. The reason behind doing this was that if it is difficult for the user to move or delete files than it would be just as difficult for the viruses to do this to those files. But what if you have to delete a file or folder from your system? For this purpose you take ownership of that folder which allows you to manage that folder also to delete it if you like.

Taking ownership of a file or a folder in the windows vista is not a very easy job even if you are using the GUI command line interface it takes a lot of steps to do so. But thanks to the person who made a registry hack for this problem. This registry hack would give you a menu item for “Take Ownership” which would take care of all the long and difficult steps of taking ownership for you.

Once you install the registry hack then your new menu would show a new option of take ownership. For this registry hack you can download it and unzip the files from the downloaded zip file. Then double click on the take ownership.reg file, a prompt would appear on the screen which would ask you if you know that the information might affect your different values and if you want to continue click on yes and your job is done.

You can also un install this hack by just double clicking on the remove Take ownership.reg file and go through the appearing prompts. No reboots are necessary for this.

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