Add Run as Administrator for AutoHotkey Scripts in Windows 7 or Vista

It has been noticed and observed that windows 7 and vista consist of a major type of drawback and constraint that the users cannot run any kind of program as administrator. In this way, auto hotkey scripts cannot network and inter-relate with the system. Users are in search of such an unfailing and consistent method that can enable and activate this mode in the best possible way.

There are three solutions that can be followed by the users. Firstly, user can either totally deactivate UAC but this technique is not recommended.  Secondly, gathering and accumulating the script to an executable can be done. For this, user has to right click on the script and select the option named by compile script. That is it! Now user can run any file as administrator. This is also not the better solution because users might get irritated while recompiling the entire script.

Thirdly, by following the manual registry hack process, users can accomplish the desired task. For this, in the start menu search box, open up the regedit.exe box and browse to the following key to precede the process. The key is: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAutoHotkeyScriptShell. User has to right click on the shell and produce a new key named by run as and another key named by command. Present them both the value of 1. Finally, whenever the user is going to click on the auto hotkey script, the option will be there showing up on the screen Run as Administrator. Users can also install the registry hack. Double clicking on the admin auto hotkey.reg file will be able to activate this mode.

Hence, the very third scheme is highly recommended and suggested. This makes the auto hotkey scripts to have the networking and association in the finest way and manner. Users will surely enjoy this scheme!

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