Add Run As Administrator For Autohotkeys Scripts In Windows Vista

Auto Hotkey enable you to automate your whole computing experience, but in Windows Vista there are some significant restrictions because of which you cannot run a script as the administrator by default. This means that all of your hotkeys are unable to assist with windows when it is running in the Administrator mode.

There are three ways to solve this problem:

1.    Completely immobilize the UAC, this method is not that convenient but it can work alright.
2.    You can also do this by compiling your script to an executable.
3.    You can also hack the registry and add “Run as Administrator” to your context menu.

1.Compile Script as Executable

Firstly right click on the script and then choose the option “Compile Script” after that now you will able to run an executable version as the administrator like stated above this is not the most effective solution.

2.Manual Registry Hack for Auto Hotkey “Run as Administrator”

First open the regedit.exe option through the start menu or the search box, and then scroll down to the key given below:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAuto Hot key ScriptShell

Then right click on the "Shell" on the left and make a new key and name it "runas", then make a key called "Command" below. Then set these two values on the right side take care of the alignment.

The (Default) -“C:Program FilesAuto HotkeyAutoHotkey.exe” “%1″ %*
and the IsolatedCommand0 - “C:Program FilesAuto HotkeyAutoHotkey.exe” “%1″ %*

You just have to set the value because default key must already be there. You will notice the option to Run as Administrator, when you right-click on an Auto Hotkey script it will start working.

3. Download Registry Hack

Download the registry hack and then double-click on the AdminAutoHotkey.reg to enter the information inside the registry. There’s also a removal script option included. Make sure that this registry hack will only work if you installed Auto Hotkey into the default place or else modify the path.

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