Add Run as Administrator to Any File Type in Windows 7 or Vista

Majority of the users face this inconvenience and trouble that whenever they tried to open any file or folder, system is going to give errors that particular file cannot be opened. Users are in severe and intense need to have the solution of this problem. Now it can be done by adding Run as Administrator. Below is the scheme that is quite and rather easy. Users will surely be having benefit while making use of this method.

In order to add Run as Administrator to any file type in windows 7 or vista, users have to go through a manual registry hack process which is very reliable one! Firstly, in the start menu search box, user has to open up the regedit.exe box and browse to the following key to precede the process. The key is: Now user has to mention and notify the user that which file or folder he / she has to run as administrator. Suppose the user click on this particular file named by WinRAR.ZIP. For this, he / she have to again browse down to the following key to precede the steps: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTWinRAR.ZIPshellopencommand. Change will be immediate and instant

Finally, user has to right click on the command and pick out the option Export. This step is going to modify and alter the shellopencommand section to shellrunascommand. User will notice and observe that the particular mode gets activated. One thing should be kept in mind that user has to enter all the information regarding the registry in the settings to finish the process.

Hence, the scheme is not that difficult and tiring. It does not take a lot of time and gets done with the task in a minute. Users should utilize this above mentioned criterion and enjoy and take pleasure in working on their systems

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