Add the Recycle Bin to Start Menu in Windows Vista

Have you ever tried to put Recycle Bin to the right side section of the Windows Start menu? I think you haven’t you might not have got any success since Windows Vista doesn’t allow the user to add Recycle Bin option to the Start menu by default.

Putting Recycle Bin option in Start menu is a very good idea since we use Recycle Bin seldom. Though there is a technique to hide Recycle Bin. Consider the fact that Windows allows you to pin Recycle Bin option to the Start menu, but can’t use it as a link.

Follow the below procedure to add Recycle Bin option to your Windows Start menu. You should backup your registry before fiddling with it in any ways. The steps are:

1. First download the Recycle Bin.ZIP file.

2. Extract the ZIP file to your desktop to get a file named as Recycle Bin (.reg).

3. Right click on the Recycle Bin (.reg) file and select the Merge option.

4. Check the Start menu to see Recycle Bin link.
This tweak works pretty fine on Windows Vista only. But it might not work in Windows 7 due to some specific issues. This tweak also does another task for you that it adds the Recycle Bin option to the Start menu Customization window so that you can enable/disable Recycle Bin link of the Start menu whenever you like.

If you cannot see the Recycle Bin link in the Start menu, follow the given procedure:
Just right click on the Start menu and click Customize. Find the option named Recycle Bin from the list. Deselect the checkbox named as Recycle Bin and then click Apply tab. Again, follow the same steps and check the Recycle Bin to get the option in Start menu.

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