Add User Accounts Utility (Userpasswords2) to Control Panel

Many utility programs are hidden in the windows directory in many windows and the user passwords can be easily added to the user accounts. The password needs to be a strong one and it can be added by a process of control panel document. The user does not need to search bout the user passwords in the search box of the start menu hence they are required to open up the control panel windows and from there the user accounts needs to be selected.

This works for the users using all the versions of windows. Windows vista is a complicated windows version so it tends to require some of the different steps but those steps are mentioned as follows: in order to proceed the user had to open the control panel windows from the start menu or even the search box in the start menu could also help the user. In the control panel menu, the user is asked to open the user accounts which will help him to add the passwords the accounts.

The icon termed as user accounts and family safety is to be selected and further in it the user had to select the user accounts admin (alternate). In the user accounts, the users are asked to open the user accounts and then click the advanced options in the user accounts. In that tab the user had to click manage the accounts passwords; this is especially for those people who are unaware of how to add the password to the user accounts.

The users must uncheck the option of entering user name and password to use this computer. This would allow the users to enter the passwords and this could be done through the users tab only. The main reaon f showing this in the control panel is that the user accounts will not be shown in the search menu and thus it will be shown only in the control panel.

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