Another Desktop Cube for Windows XP/Vista

People are now days, looking for the Cube effect of Linux as it is very much popular. Its popularity is based on the eye candy effect that is provides to the people. Hence, the cube effect for windows had become quite uninteresting. It was found out that the cube effect works in the versions of windows vista and windows XP but is not compatible with windows 7. This is the program that works quite efficiently and effectively in the above mentioned windows.

Most of the people are found to love the keyboard short cuts so that they could do their work quickly and easily and on the other hand this is exactly not the point for the users. The desktop cube works fast in windows vista as many new features are possessed in it. Once that program is installed makes its working quite easy. Its icon can be found in the right bottom corner which is termed as the system tray.

It is the tray that helps the people to quickly view the short cuts of the keyboard. If the users don’t have any idea of the working of the key board’s short cuts then it could be worked easily through the system tray. Through this the users can access to everything they want. If the users click the option menu in the windows, then they would find many options there. In that page, the user can select the misspelled blending, ending and the starting effect which would let the misspelled words to be change.

Hence, its effect is only possible to appear quickly when they are used on a quite working machine. Another important aspect of the desktop cube is that the users can drag the windows according to their wish. This is possible through the screen manager found in the system tray, after right clicking it.

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