Applying Themes to Your Windows Vista Sidebar

Different themes could be applied to the windows vista sidebar. Many new themes can be added b y the user in order to let the theme section to be updated according to the wish of the user. This tool is found o be quite interfering the people in their working situations and hence as  a result, it has been found out that the sidebar tools cannot be customized as it is set as default by the windows itself.

The sidebar can be re themed through the installation of the program and hence an application had been created by the researchers which would help the people to resolve their all conflicts regarding the changing of the themes. After the installation phase had been completed then the users are asked to restart their sidebar potion or they could restart their computer to let the sidebar function properly. This step is to take place after the installation and the launching of the application.

When the application had been launched after its installation, then the user had to launch the windows sidebar styler from where the theme of the slide bar could be changed. A dialogue box would appear on the screen after the opening of the windows sidebar slider. It contains a list of many different themes and from that list the user can select any of the themes that he/ she want to select.

The user can also see the preview of the selected theme on the right of the windows sidebar styler. The play button at the bottom of the page will let the user to apply the theme to the sidebar. But before the taking of this action, the user had to load the current theme through the loader regarding the windows sidebar styler. The users can find different themes in the application but more themes could also be selected from the win customize gallery.

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