Assign a Shortcut Key to the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

A shortcut can be assigned to the snipping key in windows vista and this is quite easy to do. Through this tool, the user can easily capture the screenshots and those screenshots are termed to be full which are captured. This step can only be done in windows vista and that has been found to be quite easy and decent to use by the users. it has been found out through different research that this snipping program is only is not available and used in all the versions of windows vista.

This works in some of the windows vista versions. The user had to follow the following steps in order to let the snipping program and tool takes place. However the user is asked to open the control panel and from the control panel, the users have to open the snipping tool, which is labelled as turn windows features on or off. One of the problem had been identifies by the researchers when users use the snipping tool, the problem is that no hot key is used for the windows bringing up.

From the snipping tool options, the user can select the snip type from the menu and they can snip the existing file or can add a new one also. This snipping tool would appear in the start up menu and from the start menu program options, the users are asked to select those. From those programs that are opened the user had to open the accessories folder where the user can find the snipping folder.

Snipping tool properties need to be opened. It can be opened by right clicking on that file and thus the properties could be opened. From there the user had to open the short cut bar. This program contains some of the problems in it. One of the problems had been identified but the other problem is that it can’t be used in the print screen key.

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